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The Rotary Leadership Institute - Great Lakes Division is an international group made up of five districts 6290, 6310, 6360, 6380 and 6540. We brought this program to our Rotary districts because we believe that excellent leadership is the key to successful service by our clubs to our communities and the world.

Excellent leadership is the key to successful service by our clubs to our communities and the world. The purpose of the RLI is to assist in improving the Rotary knowledge and leadership skills of the future leaders of our Rotary clubs.

Rotary is blessed with members of high quality, but all Rotary clubs depend on outstanding leadership to harness the talents and skills of our membership to achieve high levels of accomplishment. The rapid turnover of leadership positions in Rotary caused by annual elections requires constant effort to prepare more and more Rotarians for the responsibilities of leadership.This program is a unique opportunity for quality education.It is also anticipated that these courses will motivate the participants to be even more enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated Rotarians.

This program consists of three full-day parts presented over time. The programs are presented using the facilitated discussion method, rather than lecture. The fee includes breakfast, lunch and training materials.The cost will vary based on location.

Any club member of any RLI district is invited to attend any event regardless of the location.Parts are to be taken sequentially.All sessions are facilitated by certified Discussion Leaders, who are all Rotary governors, or past presidents who have attended all three parts and been certified.

Part I covers Leadership Characteristics, Rotary Beyond the Club, Teambuilding, Rotary Foundation I, Membership Retention, and Service Projects.

Part II covers Leadership Goal Setting, The Rotary Foundation II, Communication Skills, Ethics-Vocational Service, Membership Recruitment, and Analyzing Your Rotary Club.

Part III include International Service, Effective Leadership Strategies (double session), Rotary Opportunities, Leadership-Public Relations, and Making a Difference.